Sophea 45" - Honeydew – Lubaina
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Sophea 45" - Honeydew

RM 39.00

Type: Square (Bawal)
Material: Chiffon Voile
Cutting: Square with End Curve
Finishing: Crochet Lace
Size: Bidang 45" (approximately 112 cm x 112 cm)
Opacity: 3/5 for light color (inner recommended) | 4/5 for dark color.

Just a heads-up: 

1. Color may appear differently on various devices such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. Each device displays colors differently.
2. Due to the material's natural state, you might notice subtle lines on the scarves.
3. Scarves might not be perfectly square and may exhibit slight irregularities in shape.
4. Due to the color process, some colors in the same collection may feel slightly softer or rougher than others.