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AS - IS SOPHEA End Curve 45"



We had a major check and cleaning and we found some pieces that are classified as defective for us but it may be a treasure for you!

AS-IS: Items that are sold in whatever condition they presently exist.

CONDITION: Defect items that do not meet our standard Quality Check (QC) requirement. Rest assured, they are fully functional, wearable & non-noticeable when styled. As-is may have 1 or more defects. Defect ranges from :
1. Minor stain.
2. Imperfections stitch.
3. Asymmetrical side of the scarf.
4. Overlapping pleats/stitches.
5. Pre-loved (used during our photoshoot.)
6. No label.

7. Micro holes along the edges.


Please be informed that colors might vary from each computer (desktop or laptop), tablet, or handphone display settings. Each device has a different capability to display colors.

** Due to the natural condition of the material, you might see fine lines near the hem, and wrinkle marks may still be visible after ironing.

** All defect types range from 1cm to 5cm
*** Strictly no refund/exchange.