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As-Is AAIRA - Black

RM 19.90

Type: Square (Bawal)

Chiffon Voile
Size : Bidang 45" (approximately 110cm x 110cm)

* AS-IS CONDITION: Defect item that does not meet our QC standards. Rest assured, they are fully functional, wearable & non-noticeable when styled. As-is may have 1 or more defects. Defect ranges from :

1. Minor stain.
2. Imperfections stitch.
3. Asymmetrical side of the scarf.
4. Overlapping pleats/stitch.
5. Used during a photoshoot.
6. No label.

** All defect types range from 1 cm - 5 cm

*** Please be informed that colors might vary from each computer (desktop or laptop), tablet, or handphone display settings. Each device has a different capability to display colors. Strictly no refund/exchange.