Terms & Conditions

1. Please be informed that colours may differ slightly due to camera flash or your computer/handphone display setting. We aim to ensure that the images & description of the items displayed are accurate as possible in terms of colour & size. Whilst every effort has been made to achieve this, we cannot guarantee that the colour displayed on your monitor will accurately reflect the colour of the product. Thus, stricly no refund/exchange for any colour issues.

(Sila ambil maklum, warna yang dipaparkan mungkin tidak 100% sama dengan warna sebenar atas faktor pencahayaan semasa photoshoot; atau screen display pada komputer, laptop atau handphone masing-masing. Kami sedaya upaya memberikan warna setepat yang mungkin. Atas usaha ini, kami tidak menjamin warna yang dipaparkan pada screen display anda akan 100% tepat. Jadi, tiada pemulangan / refund untuk isu warna.)

2. A refund/exchange will be permitted for faulty onlySale and markdown items are non-returnable and non exchangeable. 

3. Please allow us to process your order in 2 working days AFTER payment received.